XXXI. project of @ISFEuropeanSupp: #ElementalMagicPower

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Hello dear ISF Family!

We are starting a NEW season 2015!

You can watch the promo vid HERE!

This working year promises to be saturated, intense and inspirational! Remarkable emotions are guaranteed!

We are presenting the NEW long-time project “Elemental Magic Power”.

Water, air, fire, ground – elements are everywhere!

Oceans and rivers, Sun and fires, wind and hurricanes, fields and deserts…

You will take a fresh look at ordinary things!

 Help us to educate and inspire all people for greener future!

 Just join us in all 4 parts of the NEW project:

Part 1 + Part 2

“WATER” and “AIR”

starts January 26 – ends February 28, 2015

Part 3 + Part 4


 starts March 1 – ends April 5, 2015

All you need is to carefully read all the terms, contact us and be the part of the educational project.

Everyone can take part in this project.

Are you curious?

So, let’s START!


 Terms of the project :

 Please, give us the answers on the following questions.

Write only about your native country.

1. What resources are in your country?

Tip: think about resources connected with water, air, fire, ground… For example: water – reservoirs, water quality, water-power plants, groundwater; air – windmills, power and of hurricanes, climat; fire – solar power, fires, volcanoes; ground – deforestation, deserts, fertile soil, earthquakes …

2. How these resources are used in your country?

3. Does your country have any problems with these resources?

4. How the problems can be solved and how to make people to be concerned about these resources?

5. Few interesting facts about these resources in your country.

We will appreciate all creative and wise essays.

It would be great if you add your own pictures for illustration.

We are waiting for all your wonderful works from March 1 till April 5, 2015

on email:

with the title “Elemental Magic Power” (parts 1+2 or parts 3+4)

Please write your full name, country and ISF status (agent, ISF Community Crew member, not ISF)




At any questions feel free to contact us.

We are so excited! And you?

With love, ISF European Support, official Community Crew


Project makers:

Mila – ISF European Support, coordinator of projects ( @ISF_KievUkraine)

Samantha – ISF European Support, graphic designer  ( @ISF_Support2)

Suzan – ISF European Support leader  ( @ISFEuSupp )